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December 12, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Power Equipment Sales has been named as the exclusive Sales Representative Firm for Harmonics Limited Inc. in New England.

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September 19, 2016

Harmonics Limited featured in High-Profile Magazine

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patented HSS® technology helps schools and colleges reduce energy costs and improve safety and reliability

The issue of containing costs while spearheading efforts for safety, reliability and a sustainable environment, demands that all schools and colleges continuously monitor and control their use of energy. To this end, a growing number of educational institutions are turning to the patented Harmonic Suppression Technology of Harmonics Limited (HSS). By eliminating the damaging 3rd harmonic currents in computer loaded power distribution systems, the HL SysteMax® and TransMax® products are helping school and college engineers significantly reduce the energy used by their multiple transformers – realizing dollar savings of 4%-8% every year. Then, with less energy used, fewer carbons are emitted and there is less adverse environmental impact.

Yale University recently installed the TransMax when renovating both a classroom building and one of its residential colleges. The TransMax is a new transformer with HSS already embedded to ensure full capacity, reduced carbon emissions and meaningful energy savings every year for the life of the unit. The Brownsville and Mission Texas School Districts are among the secondary institutions which have recently added SysteMax to their distribution systems, realizing a quick and significant return on their investment. As a result, there is less danger of “hot” transformers (thus increasing building safety), no wasted capacity (since the 3rd harmonic is not present), computer grade power which can be more confidently relied upon, and lowered energy costs for the life of the system. The SysteMax is easy to add to non linear loaded transformers which are already in place and operating…. Just wire it in and enjoy the savings!