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December 12, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Power Equipment Sales has been named as the exclusive Sales Representative Firm for Harmonics Limited Inc. in New England.

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September 19, 2016

Harmonics Limited featured in High-Profile Magazine

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Core Technology

TransMax vs K-Rated Transformers

The transformers included in HL TransMax product are premium transformers featuring:

  • Energy-Star rating
  • Copper windings
  • Low 115 degree C rise
  • Electrostatic shielding


Blockade Technology prevents third harmonics currents from:

  • Flowing in the phase or neutral conductors from the transformer out to the furthest load
  • Combining in the neutral conductor
  • Circulating in the transformer delta windings

With Blockade Technology, transformers do not need to be K-rated and oversized or doubled neutrals are not required.

Premium non-K-rated transformers used in TransMax products feature a 4% - 6% impedance.

Equivalent k-Rated transformers of the same kVA, by the nature of their design, typically have a lower impedance. This lower impedance results in slightly HIGHER harmonic currents throughout the system, causing higher harmonic heat losses, decreased useable capacity, increased neutral-to-ground voltage, and increased energy usage.

K-rated transformers do not mitigate harmonic currents. They are simply designed to withstand the heat produced by these extra currents and to not fail when subjected to harmonic overheating.

The HL TransMax products, using standard impedance transformers with Blockade Technology provide:

  • Up to 20% reduced phase current
  • Up to 80% reduced neutral current
  • Up to 96% reduced 3rd harmonic neutral current
  • Up to 8% lower harmonic heat losses
  • Up to 20% more useable load capacity per phase
  • Up to 70% lower neutral-to-ground voltage
  • Up to 8% lower energy consumption

Blockade Technology benefits, matched by no other harmonic mitigating product, include:

  • True kW energy savings
  • Harmonic current reductions out to the furthest load
  • No requirement for double neutrals or oversized switchgear
  • No need to oversize the transformer and then de-rate it